Mom, I Love You, Don’t Ever Leave Me!

It’s almost Mother’s day. I’m usually not really a person to write poetic stories on how much I love my mother. Not that I don’t want to, but simply because capturing her essence is not so easy to do. She means so much to me that putting it into words would never express the fullness of my feelings.

I scroll further on Facebook and, maybe it’s just meant to be: I come across stories of people who have to celebrate Mother’s day without their beloved mother. All of a sudden, tears are rolling down my cheeks. Every word they write about having lost their mother is like a window glass being shattered into pieces. Like a dark storm taking over the world, like a shadow that never leaves us. We lose our innocent joy of life once we have to face such an immense tragedy.
I’ve always wondered if anyone could overcome such pain, but reading these stories reminds me the pain and the sadness are sadly to remain with us forever.
I look up from my laptop, looking for my mom:
“Mom, where are you?”
Each and every time something reminds me of losing her one day makes me want to hold her more. Yeah, I’m sometimes really a little child not wanting to grow up.
But, she is the only person who understands me when no one else does. She listens to my dreams and hopes and never implies they are impossible to reach. She makes me believe in the world when the world is giving me no reason to believe in it. She is always there when the word is too busy to even notice me, making me smile, giving me a reason to come home, to the warm and loving nest she created for my siblings and me. There is no one who can ever outperform her tremendous efforts in raising me into an independent human being.
She is near me. Her beautiful existence smiles like a divine sign when I look up, my irreplaceable gift.
All those stories were not simply a reminder to show more appreciation again and again. They reminded me this time how indispensable pure love is. How in the end nothing can replace memories of love and no matter how painful they sometimes may be, it’s also a consoling thought that pure love exists. Love helps us grow into a balanced, friendly and conscious person. It reminded me I should take these life lessons even more seriously.
How I would love to take away your grief, if you have faced the tragedy of loss. I would love to be your friend hearing your stories how amazing mothers are.
There is probably nothing to soothe the aches of loss, but reaching out a loving hand goes a long way. Your pain today is reminding me of the pain that one day unfortunately is awaiting me.
This little story is dedicated to all the lovely mothers, and to the ones who had to lose her.
To the ones who are blessed to celebrate life with us and to the dear ones whose time sadly had to come.
To the ones who have to move on after the loss of the loving touch of a mother: you’re not alone.
To the ones who might have never known such love: you’re never forgotten.
To all angels, everywhere. You’re the beloved memory. Cherished forever and celebrated with the joy of knowing your amazing existence marks Mother’s day truly every day.

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