Kitten Insists on Sitting on Every Lap He Sees After Being Rescued from the Streets

This kitten was so happy to be rescued after surviving life on the streets. He couldn’t stop the cuddles.

Jamie Orozco, a resident in Los Angeles, heard faint cries of a kitten one day late June. She tried to follow the tiny meows but couldn’t find the kitty. A few days later, the meowing returned, and this time, Jamie could clearly hear the kitten and knew he was near.

After scouring the area, she found a tiny ball of fur on the steps of a porch by himself. The kitten had no mom or home to go to, so Jamie reached out to get the kitten help.

Ashley Kelley, a volunteer of Wrenn Rescues, quickly responded when she learned that the kitten needed round-the-clock care.

“Since I had four other kittens his age and he was alone, I offered to take him,” Ashley told Love Meow.

At six weeks old, the kitten (whom they named Mustang Bartholomew) was just half the size his age. He was tiny but had a mighty personality.

“He’s the sweetest little guy I have ever met, and he is very cuddly.”

It didn’t take long for the kitten to wrap his arms around his foster mom and fall fast asleep. A few days after his arrival, he was introduced to his new siblings. They quickly hit it off.

“Olivia, Ophelia, Opal and Oliver fully accepted Bartholomew as their new brother and he was already learning how to cat from them,” Ashley said.

When Bartholomew was not cuddling with his foster mom, he was snuggling in a purr pile with his adopted siblings.

If he spotted an empty lap, he would come running and insist on sitting on it and keeping it warm.

Once the kittens graduated from their bottles, Jen Marder, a volunteer of Wrenn Rescues, took over the foster duties and began preparing the kitties for their forever homes.

When she received the little family, Bartholomew quickly stood out.

He walked right up to Jen and crawled up on her lap before his siblings joined in for a group cuddle.

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