The ‘Victoria Crowned Pigeon’ Is One Of The Most Beautiful Birds Ever And Can Grow To The Size Of A Turkey

Probably no one would argue that humans are naturally attracted to beautiful things. And how else could it possibly be when we live on this gorgeous planet where every corner is beaming with nature’s splendid creations, whether that be a scalding hot African desert or a tropical forest soaking with rainwater. It’s all very different but undoubtedly unique in the craziest ways. It’s no wonder why some say nature is the world’s greatest artist and we completely agree with that. We have loads of beautiful nature artifacts here on Bored Panda but today’s story is wonderful proof of how spectacular it can be.

This fancy bird here is a Victoria Crowned Pigeon. And we realize the sight of it is nothing you would expect after reading “a pigeon”. It really is distinct with its bright blue feathers and a beautiful crown on top of its head. It belongs to a Goura family of four unique-looking, ground-dwelling pigeon species. They are also very large as they could reach the size of a turkey!