Kitten Insists on Sitting on Every Lap He Sees After Being Rescued from the Streets

This kitten was so happy to be rescued after surviving life on the streets. He couldn’t stop the cuddles.

Jamie Orozco, a resident in Los Angeles, heard faint cries of a kitten one day late June. She tried to follow the tiny meows but couldn’t find the kitty. A few days later, the meowing returned, and this time, Jamie could clearly hear the kitten and knew he was near.

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This Rescue Dog With Unique Features Is Taking Over The Internet

The internet loves animals and today, we are glad to welcome a new unique character to the community who is yet to steal many hearts. A 2-year-old dog from Thailand named Lucky has very distinctive features that definitely make him stand out leaving people raising eyebrows (pun intended) guessing whether it’s Photoshop or real life. With Lucky, you are lucky to get a two for one deal. His face looks like two completely different personas – a regular Chihuahua mix and one of James Bond villains – blended together and we can’t get enough!

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Gathering inspiration for your garden

Before you even set foot in a garden centre, it pays dividends to start thinking about what you want from your space

It might sound surprising, but for most people the first step towards getting your dream garden is probably putting the kettle on. Get out a pen and paper and take time to write down all your wants and needs – this will help you to prioritise and visualise what the garden is going to be about, and give you focus when gathering inspirational ideas.

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A South Dakota Woman Went To The Hospital For Kidney Stones And Gave Birth To Triplets

A South Dakota mom went to the hospital for pain she thought was caused by kidney stones, only to discover that she was actually in labor…with triplets.

“I started getting pains, I figured it was kidney stones because I’ve went through them before,” Dannette Giltz told ABC affiliate KOTA TV. Once doctors figured out she was in labor, they told her to expect twins. But it turns out that there was one more baby in there.

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