6 Signs Your Dog Loves You

I consider my dogs Shakira, Gracie, Quora, Quixote and QT as full-on members of my family. I love them with all my heart. But do they love me back?

I think so. As a veterinarian for more than 30 years, I’ve witnessed the power of the human-animal bond firsthand. Furthermore, scientists are starting to explore which emotions animals feel and how they display them. Based on their research, I’m even more convinced that our dogs love us.

If you’re just as certain that dogs love us as much as we love them, check out the photo gallery below to learn how canines show affection through sight, sound, smell and body language.

He Makes Eye Contact

In the human world, we usually make eye contact to show that we’re engaged and paying attention. That’s not the case in the dog world. When dogs lock eyes with each other, it’s often considered rude or aggressive. And yet, when dogs stare at their favorite humans, it’s usually out of love, not war. When you look into your pup’s eyes and he gazes back with relaxed eyes showing little to no white, it usually means he’s happy and comfortable with you.

He Reacts Positively to the Sound of Your Voice

He Likes Your Scent