Listen to Dairy Farmer Explain His Sweet Friendship With ‘Allo Vera’: The Cow Who Thinks He’s Her Calf

Some people might say that dogs are man’s best friend, but this jersey cow might be the exception.

Australian dairy farmer Phillip Hughes has developed a surprisingly strong bond with a doting heifer named Vera in his herd.

Hughes, who lives on a farm in Edith Creek, North West Tasmania, says that he can always recognize her because she is constantly running in the opposite direction of the herd so she can stay by his side during his rounds.

Every morning when she trots up to Hughes, he says “Allo, Vera” – and she has answered to the nickname ever since.

“Some lady said [Vera] loves me, and I said no, I think she thinks I’m her calf,” chuckled Hughes in the ABC News interview. “And the way she talks is just like a cow with her own calf. I can’t understand cow language, but it’s the noises she makes, you know?”