9 Magical Pictures Of Hummingbirds’ Wings Shining Like Rainbows

Just when we think we’ve seen everything, nature finds another way to amaze us. Artist and photographer Christian Spencer was spending the day on his verandah in Rio de Janeiro when he noticed something wonderful. The sun striking the wings of a Jacobin hummingbird, producing a beautiful prism effect. At that moment, it looked as if the tiny birdy was a tiny flying rainbow.

Christian Spence captured the sun illuminating a black Jacobin hummingbird

In 2011, Spencer captured the bird’s movements for a film called The Dance of Time. Since then, it has received 10 international awards as well as three best film honors. But there were more rainbow hummingbirds to come. A few years later, Spencer revisited the subject. “I decided to try and photograph the same phenomenon with my camera,” he told My Modern Met. His latest creative endeavors resulted in a series called Winged Prism, and for Spencer, the images reveal “a secret of nature that cannot be seen with our eyes.”