Polish Village With Cheerful And Beautiful Painted Flower Houses

After the World War 2, in a hidden village in Poland called Zalipie, one very talented artist came up with an idea, to make a decoration to his house with flowers, painted on the wall, just to hide the shoot marks from the war.

After the first house was painted, everyone in the village wanted the same for their house, every single house in the village was painted. After they painted every house in the village people started to paint the bridges, barns, even the church was painted in cheerful colors.

In 1948 Zalipie organized a Paint Cottage Competition, or with other name called Malowana Chata. With this competition, Zalipie was trying to motivate Poland to get back on feet psychologically.

Today this hidden village with a cute name has improved. Zalipie is only 90 minutes away from Krakow, this village today is cheerful and very beautiful, we suggest you visit this unique place to spend some memorable moments.