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Watch What Happens When A Pit Bull Is Left Alone With A Day-Old Kitten

Pit bulls have a terrible reputation. If you believed the rumors, you’d probably think that they were all vicious, dangerous animals that would rip you apart if you made the wrong move.

Real dog lovers, however, know that couldn’t be farther from the truth. While some have been the victims of poor treatment, the majority of pitties have the capacity to be gentle and loving as any other dog. They were historically bred to be “nurse dogs” that took care of children, after all!

For proof of this, look no further than this unbelievably adorable video. When a day-old stray kitten cuddled up next to a big pit bull named Rufus, the results couldn’t be cuter!

Sadly, years of misinformation and exaggeration have given rise to the idea that pit bulls are somehow more dangerous than other dogs. The idea that their jaws “lock” when biting, for example, is a total myth.


Artist Roberto Jones / Wikimedia Commons

Worse yet, there have been widespread attempts towards breed-specific legislation aimed against pit bulls, making them illegal to own in some areas. Such laws have not been proven to prevent dog attacks.


GDK / Wikimedia Commons

You see, pit bulls were once considered “nanny dogs” that were great for taking care of children—yes, human children! Pit bulls were widely trusted as gentle creatures.


The Truth About Pit Bulls

Pit bulls have also been known to be great therapy dogs, able to sympathize with others like few other creatures can. That must have been good news for one little creature in particular…

Just Doggie
At just a day old, this tiny kitten was abandoned by his mother in Israel. As horrible as it may be to imagine, this is something that happens to young animals all the time.

Luckily, a man found him. He decided to bring him to the home he shared with his pit bull, Rufus, to see how they would get along. Obviously, many people would see this as a risk: a big dog and a tiny baby cat? How would this turn out?


The man left the two together while he went to the pet store to buy supplies for the kitten. The owner thought it was a great idea, but this may have been surprising to pit bull skeptics.


Pit bulls may get a bad rap for a host of historical (and often ridiculous) reasons, but Rufus knew exactly what to do! Watch what the owner saw when he returned from the store…

There’s no telling what will happen when you put two cute animals together. While it doesn’t always work out, we have seen time and time again how different species can become friends!

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