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Paralyzed Puppy With A Broken Spine Drags Herself For Miles To Get Help

Animals living in the wild learn to take care of themselves from a very early age. Sure, the lucky ones have parents or pack leaders to learn from, but by and large, baby animals are on their own.

Sometimes, this tough reality means many animals don’t make it to adulthood. It’s heartbreaking, but that’s just the tragic reality of life in the wild.

Poppy the puppy, a dog growing up in Botswana, didn’t have the luxury of a human to take care of her. When a tragic accident left her paralyzed, hope was all but lost. Another dog wouldn’t have made it, but Poppy was a fighter…

Poppy survived a horrible accident as a puppy that crushed her spine, leaving her lower half completely paralyzed. She was on her own, and desperate for help. She dragged herself around for weeks before finally stumbling onto a research camp.


In spite of everything she had been through, Poppy was thrilled to have found people. The scientists at the camp took her in and fed her. They needed to build up her strength before taking her to the nearest vet who was still eight hours away.

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The researchers at the camp were baffled at how Poppy survived. This region of Botswana is full of elephants, lions, hyenas, and other deadly predators. The journey to the camp must have been terrifying for the puppy. 

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Eventually, Poppy was strong enough to make the drive to the vet’s office. Once they arrived they learned that Poppy was 7 months old and that she would need major spine surgery if she was going to survive into adulthood.

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The vet told the researchers that Poppy’s chances were slim at best. He suggested putting her to sleep, but the researchers knew something that vet didn’t know: Poppy was a fighter. 

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At the veterinary clinic, Poppy continued to eat, heal, and bond with her rescuers. As she grew stronger, her bubbly personality and resilient spirit became impossible to ignore. 

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Until Poppy is strong enough to have her spine surgery, she will continue to live with the researchers who took her in and saved her life. They have started a GoFundMe page to help cover the cost of all her medical needs.

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Not all dogs are as lucky as Poppy. There are countless injured pups all over the world who never get the help they need — thank goodness Poppy wasn’t one of them. 


Poppy’s future is a bright one, whatever the outcome of her surgery may be. She has a team of caretakers who love her, and she has inspired well-wishes from all over the world. 

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Everyone is rooting for this puppy with such an indomitable spirit. She’s come so far, and those sparkly eyes tell us that she still has years of love left to give.

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