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This Falcon’s Strange ‘Belly Dance’ Is Totally Mesmerizing

Falcons are probably second only to eagles when it comes to birds associated with freedom and power. They’re incredibly fast, possess fantastic eyesight—and are an absolute nightmare to predators.

Yet that’s just the beginning. As it turns out, they’re also fabulous dancers, with the kind of skills that would put most people to shame at any nightclub!

Just watch what this man is able to do with his pet falcon. When the music starts playing, you’re going to want to ask this bird to be your next wedding date!

The World Bird Sanctuary is home to a rescued falcon who, besides being beautiful, also has some impressive dance moves.


Part of what makes her so mesmerizing is the way that her head stays in place as the rest of her body sways like a seductive belly dancer.



You’re definitely going to want to see this performance for yourself!

(Video may take a moment to load.)

Falcons have always been special animals, but this one shows that they’re full of surprises. Somebody get that bird a choreography job, stat!