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Friendly Goat Loves Nearly Everybody, But Her Favorite Person Might Just Be The UPS Driver!

You can never predict exactly who your friends will be. Shared interests play a big part in developing friendships, but so do a variety of other factors. Just because you and another person don’t have much in common at first doesn’t mean you can’t become friendly!

This applies to animals just as much as it does humans, and nature is full of unlikely friendships and odd-couple companions. Creatures like Pearl the goat can make friends with nearly anybody!

Pearl lives at the Gentle Barn, a Tennessee sanctuary for mistreated farm animals, and she’s good buddies with all the workers and animals there. There’s one surprising person, however, that Pearl likes best of all — and he doesn’t even live on the farm!

The Gentle Barn is a sanctuary in Tennessee that rescues and rehabilitates abused and neglected farm animals. One of its residents is Pearl, and she’s one friendly goat! 

The Gentle Barn Tennessee / Facebook

There’s not an animal on the farm with whom she doesn’t get along. One of her best friends is Daisy the horse, one of the Gentle Barn’s very first residents.

The Gentle Barn Tennessee / Facebook

Pearl’s also quite friendly with all the dogs who live there. It looks like she and this pup are having a friendly conversation in the barn!

The Gentle Barn Tennessee / Facebook

She even gets along great with cats, although here she looks like she might be more interested in munching the papers on the table. There’s one person, though, who Pearl just might like best of all…

The Gentle Barn Tennessee / Facebook

This friendly goat absolutely loves when the UPS delivery driver comes to visit!

The Gentle Barn Tennessee / Facebook

The Gentle Barn wrote on Facebook: “Pearl is in love with the UPS man. When she hears his truck pull in she will drop whatever she is doing to run and see him!”

The Gentle Barn Tennessee / Facebook

The UPS driver loves Pearl, too, and usually brings her treats. Sometimes she gets a little impatient, though, and climbs in his truck to get them! You certainly don’t see bonds like this every day!

The Gentle Barn Tennessee / Facebook

That’s so cute that Pearl gets so excited for the delivery driver! To help the Gentle Barn care for her and the the other animals, visit their website here!

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