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Reluctant Kitten Finally Gives In And Discovers The Wonderful Joy Of Baths

In most households that have a cat, there’s a simple solution for making sure Miss Kitty stays away from places where she doesn’t belong: keep a spray bottle full of water handy. A quick little spritz is usually all it takes to discourage her from pouncing on the counter or shedding all over the brand-new sofa.

This might not be as effective with each and every cat, however. That’s because some felines don’t hate water quite as much as the stereotype would suggest. One kitten in particular, whose name is Enix, doesn’t just break the stereotypes… he totally shatters them!

Wait until you see what happens when it’s time for his bath, and you’ll understand why!

Little Enix might look like he’s a bit grumpy that he’s been placed into a full bathtub, but rest assured, he isn’t.


He actually loves being in the bath!


Enix sure is a talented little swimmer—especially since he’s not even supposed to like the water! He looks like he’s good enough to join a swim team!
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